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"Don't let those annoying dents and dings spoil the look of your vehicle. Our Paintless Dent Removal process can remove them quickly and cheaply."
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Don't let those annoying dents and dings spoil the look of your vehicle

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Paintless Dent Removal and Repair, commonly referred to as PDR, has taken the automotive industry by storm and has quickly become the preferred method for repairing door dings, dents and damage. A1 Dents Ltd use special tools to remove minor dents, creases and door dings by getting behind the damage and carefully pushing the metal back until the damaged area is undetectable.

The process is approved by all major insurance companies and is utilised by car dealers, rental car companies, insurance companies and auto auctions.

Paintless Dent RemovalWhat type of damage does PDR remove?
Paintless Dent Removal works great on those annoying little eyesores such as door dings, minor dents, and creases.

Is there any type of damage PDR does not repair?
PDR works on virtually all panels of a vehicle. There are some hard to reach areas that we may not be able to access - please contact us for further details.

How do PDR prices compare with traditional body shop prices?
Using A1 Dents Ltd's Paintless Dent Removal process you can typically save up to 65% of what a body shop would charge to repair the same damage on your vehicle.

How much does it cost?
Please contact us for more details.

How do I request an estimate?
You can contact us by phone, post or email. Details can be found on our contact page. You can also email us a photo of your vehicle damage by sending an email to a1dents@virginmedia.com Please include your name, address and phone number with your query.

For Paintless Dent Removal throughout London, call A1 Dents Ltd on 07989 746895 or CLICK HERE to send us a message
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