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Top Gear Magazine - January 2007
Article reproduced courtesy of Top Gear Magazine

"I mentioned last month the night that person or persons unknown biffed my door mirror and dented the panel. It was £175 to fix the mirror itself, and that left the ding. Surely it didn't need a whole new doorskin with all the asscociated painting cost and time in the bodyshop?"

"So I went the "painless dent removal" route, where skilled hands use bent spatula thingies to push and wriggle the dent away from behind."

"A franchise called A1 Dents Ltd has a guy local to me, Luis Perez. Most of his work is smoothing the dinged panels of smart cars taken as part-ex for the big dealers, but he'll do a private job too. At first it looked like he couldn't get to my dent because there's a safety reinforcement rail behind it. But the rail has a little hole through which he poked his tools. About 20 minutes and exactly £88.13 later I have a good-as-new MX-5."

"But add that to the mirror and it was an expensive nights damage. I prefer to believe that someone hit it by accident rather than as an act of malice. No point in letting your faith in human nature get damaged along with your car."

Transco or someone dug a hole in the road, right where the Mazda was parked.
Hole digging is not a clean operation.
Still, scrubs up nicely doesn't it?
Most of the way through its year with me and the paints unchipped, the wheels unmarked by corrosion.
Ah, but there's till this dent on the door which appeared the same night someone felled the door mirror.
This picture of concentration is Luis Perez of A1 Dents Ltd.
He comes armed with a box of odd shape wands ...
... that he wriggles behind the door panel and slowly, magically he heels the wound.
Its a lot cheaper than a new body panel.

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Top Gear magazine used A1 Dent Ltd's paintless dent removal services to repair some paintwork damage to a Mazda MX-5 ...